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ADEX JS Tag and Google Tag Manager: Your Fraud-Fighting Combination

Product News
ADEX continues bringing your security to the new levels. And we have great news for you - our JS Tag is now compliant with Google Tag Manager. 

While constantly developing and improving anti-fraud features, we also take care of easy handling. Make sure to read this article and find out everything about our fresh solution. 

What’s the idea of JS Tag and GTM integration?

Just to remind you, JS Tag is an anti-fraud feature implemented right into the HTML of your website. Now you can easily integrate it with Google Tag Manager and eliminate malicious activity to improve your campaign results. 

First, JS Tag ensures an additional shield from bots. In case you are already using a GTM container for your landing pages, just add the Tag and strengthen your website security by far. 

Second, the workflow is significantly simplified. All of your GTM source identifiers and parameters can be transferred with one click. This is the most convenient way to integrate with a JS Tag feature.  

Are you ready to start enjoying this perfect combination? Well, then get right to the next section of our post - read instructions and start using our feature today!

How to start?

Before you start, make sure to have GTM and ADEX accounts. 

  • Login in to your GTM account, move to the Tags tab and press New;

  • You’ll see the Tag Configuration window - click an Edit button in the top right corner;

  • Click “Choose tag type” and then "Discover more tag types in the Community Template Gallery";

  • Type ADEX in the search input and find a template;

  • Once the confirmation window appears, click Add to confirm your action;

  • Enter your ClientID (you can find it in the Integration section of your cabinet); 

  • Fill out all the other fields needed for your further work, like TrafficSourceID, AffiliateID, AdvertiserID, and more (using this data, you will arrange stats in your cabinet); 

  • Click the Triggering button;

You are welcome to choose the pages for JS Tag to operate on. Whether you want to use it for concrete pages or all of them, you can customize this setting to your liking. 

  • Now click the Save button;

  • GTM will suggest renaming JS Tag (it’s up to you) and then you should click the Submit button in the right upper corner to apply changes. 

Congratulations! Now you have JS Tag integrated into your GTM container. Enjoy improved security and let your campaigns be maximally successful. 

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