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Company News: ADEX Is on the Google Vendors List Now

Product News
We are glad to inform you that ADEX has passed Google Simple Verification successfully and now we are on the Google Vendors List. This means that our service reliability and efficiency has been justified by the worldwide known technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. 

Why is this important?

As you may know, Google has strict policies regarding transparency, safety, and quality of services. This corporation puts Internet users first and aims to make your customer experience flawless. At this point, our interests cross - ADEX strives for maximum when it comes to your traffic safety.

Google certifies only those ad technologies that comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Google's data usage rules. Our solutions can help you detect and prevent numerous fraud types, since we check your traffic from top to bottom. For ADEX, following the best standards and new regulations of Google is crucial, since this ensures our efficient cooperation with current and future customers.

Being aware that we are on the Google Vendors List now, you can rest assured that our tags and tools won’t bring you any issues. Not only they don’t interrupt your visitors' experience anyhow, but also our anti-fraud features won’t trigger any wrong reactions from Google's side.

Also, this certification ensures that your ADEX-supported campaigns won't get blocked in the European Economic Area, since they are already checked and approved by Google. 

In a word, the reliability of our service grows even stronger, so you can entrust your website security to ADEX. Start cooperating with us today and ad fraud won’t bother you anymore.

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