Gambling is a profitable, but also risky market. Fraudsters go to extreme lengths to take advantage of the industry: more than 34% of gambling traffic is invalid.
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Determine and evaluate the fraud risks

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We analyzed numerous campaigns of four large gambling companies. They stumbled upon various fraud schemes and detected which ones prevail around the market.
2021-2022 forecast: how ad fraud will evolve
Ad fraud types prevalent in the Gambling industry
See how fraud strategies differ across devices
Which regions are prone to fraud more than others
Find out which fraud types are prevalent in the gambling sphere
Understand which GEOs are the toughest to work with
Find out which fraud schemes and patterns exist
Develop approaches on how to deal with fraud issues
ADEX reveals some possible directions and methods fraudsters might take in the near future. Increase a chance to protect your current campaigns smartly and find a way to shield yourself from the upcoming threats.
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ADEX Reports on Gambling: Statistics, Risks, and Forecast