Case Study: Identifying and Redirecting Bot Infected Traffic with Adex

Data suggests that roughly 40% of all the internet traffic consists of bot traffic, one third of which are malicious bots. Being very good at performing any number of tasks fast and effectively, bots can also bypass sophisticated anti-fraud strategies and software.
Bots represent the number one cause of concern for every marketer trying to make an honest living. Because of them, clients end up paying tens of thousands of dollars on fake leads that will not generate any revenue, but seriously affect campaign metrics.

Data suggests that roughly 40% of all the internet traffic comes from bots, one third of which are malicious. Being very good at performing any number of tasks fast and effectively, bots can also bypass sophisticated anti-fraud strategies and software.

Often, by the time you notice there is a problem your income might permanently be affected. Only the right softwares can help you identify the source of the specific fraudulent traffic, and neutralize it. Lucky for you, that is exactly what ADEX specializes in: 

We carefully assess your traffic, slice by slice, until we identify the faulty one. Doing so, you can continue investing in the effective zones, while we close the fraudulent ones.

But oftentimes, working with the right tool can save you a lot of headache, by providing you with extended protection even before you start having any issues. Introducing the javascript callbacks.

Getting the right service at the right time

This was just the case with one of our clients, a very successful advertiser. Fortunately, they were using our javascript callbacks to check their traffic. Their idea was to use our script to only pay for the traffic if it was real and the quality of their conversions was good.   

Using the javascript callbacks integration, the client has the possibility to:

  • receive information about the quality of the traffic,
  • define automatic in-page actions towards that traffic (hiding certain elements from the page – ads, links, download or registration buttons, etc.),
  • redirect the traffic to another webpage.

In fact, our client chose to automatically redirect that traffic to another URL, avoiding to count the fake conversions and pay for them. And they set this function for every user that triggered a fraudulent conversion notification. 

Here is how ADEX helped this client

In the table above you have the number of bot traffic sources by Country ID, along with their impressions, conversions, and their potential cost that the advertiser would’ve paid for, in the span of a single week. As you can see, the conversion was significantly lower compared with the astounding impressions numbers.

In order to calculate the potential cost for the fraudulent traffic, they multiplied the specific country rate by the number of registered conversions. Doing so, they identified the potential cost of the fake conversion which they would’ve paid to the cheating publisher.

Reacting promptly and taking the right decision to use ADEX’s solutions, this advertiser managed to drop their expenses by 50%. From the start, this earned the advertiser a solid $2,500 in daily expenses. That is $70,000 monthly that they no longer waste on inefficient traffic! 

This is what they did:

Smart Callback JavaScript Integration in action

Once our client uses the javascript callback feature he starts receiving updates on the traffic quality. Based on that he can decide if to proceed with the payment or not. Moreover, the client can also set up the script to react in case it detects fraudulent activity – blocking or redirecting it. 

As we saw before, our advertiser chose to redirect the fraudulent traffic in order to keep away any other bots trying to infiltrate his campaigns in the future. The result – he saved over $17,000 weekly.

Moreover, by redirecting the fraudulent traffic and not paying for fraudulent conversions, he also managed to stop working with affiliates that would send fake users. In fact, since the script keeps all fake traffic away, the advertiser no longer has to manually check conversion to confirm their legitimacy. 


It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Asking for help only shows real strength of character. Had it not been for ADEX, this client might’ve never managed to pinpoint the actual issue and the source that was draining his finances, in time. This could’ve meant spending a small country’s fortune on bot traffic.

With our real time analysis and javascript callbacks we helped this advertiser identify bad sources immediately. At the same time we made it possible for him to only pay for quality conversions, block fraudulent sources, and redirect upcoming bot traffic.

When it comes to these sorts of fraudulent attempts, you must understand that every second counts, since it can get you back on track. In fact, since our client used ADEX he didn’t have to deal with fake traffic. And since our script also discourages affiliates from sending bad conversions, it frees up space for advertisers to focus on the more important aspects of their campaigns.

Mishaps will come along. It depends how well you can handle a crisis situation when it arises. If you think you might be the victim of bot traffic, act fast! If you don’t want to be a victim of bot traffic – use ADEX.

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