Meet ADEX at Affiliate World Global 2022 in Dubai

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you just cannot miss the hottest thematic event of the upcoming spring — Affiliate World Global 2022 in Dubai, where the most experienced marketing professionals will share their insights. 

Of course, no advertising campaign can roll successfully without advanced bot-protection, so ADEX is going to Dubai, as well. Our stellar team will share the latest ideas, research results, and modern anti-bot practices with the audience. Come and see us, too!

What is waiting for you at AWG’22?

Content: meet ADEX team members to discuss affiliate marketing topics, bot-fighting strategies, tips, tricks, and everything you want to ask.

Services and features: ADEX is ready to share any information about the company’s products, like Claim Reports, Fraudulent Traffic Redirect, API, Postbacks, and more! We would be glad to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

More than 60 niche experts: What is more, you will meet the best representatives of the eCommerce industry and affiliate marketers with lectures and presentations, so prepare to absorb valuable information. 

Event details: 

  • Dates: 28/02-01/03
  • Location: Dubai
  • Booth number: #A31
  • Place: Dubai World Trade Center
  • Speakers: 60+
  • Number of Attendees: 7,300+

ADEX delegation:

  • Andrey Ivanov —CEO
  • Anna Efimova  Sales Director
  • Olga Gerasimova  Quality Control Specialist
  • Alina Fatchikhina — PR Manager

Don’t forget to register at the event’s website, book a meeting with Anna Efimova, and see you soon at Affiliate World Global 2022!

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