Postbacks Feature to Know More about Your Traffic Sources

It is crucial to detect bots’ activity and keep your traffic clean. The best way to do that is to distinguish sources of fraudulent impressions. Our new Postbacks feature will help you do that easily.

So you already know how to track your campaigns and determine which users’ actions are worth special attention. Even though you do understand how to monitor conversions and presumably have an idea of how to analyze them, you may need another useful tool to ensure extra safety. This is the Postbacks feature created by ADEX recently. 

If you want to be aware of all suspicious actions that happen inside of your system and therefore – prevent all possible fraud risks, you should consider setting Postbacks feature up. Due to this simple instrument, you can specify fraud-detecting parameters and get alerts about unreliable traffic sources (from entire regions to specific web platforms).

To save your websites from potentially harmful activity, you can use that data to block the unwanted sources later. 

How does our Postbacks feature work?

From now on, keeping your traffic neat becomes as easy as ABC. You are welcome to get our Postbacks feature and keep the unwanted harmful activity away from your website.

Here is how you do that:

  • Insert your URL into the required field
  • Adjust the fraud parameters to distinguish sources of unwanted activity
  • Create a customized URL 
  • Get the alerts and warnings about all types of suspicious activity
  • Make your traffic clean and tidy

Don’t give bots a chance – use our Postbacks feature to tackle them from the very threshold. Detecting the sources of potentially unwanted traffic with the help of Postbacks feature, you can make those flows clean by the wave of the hand.

Try now and enjoy purity!

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