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ADEX Features
Explore our features and make your campaigns neat and pure. This will help you evaluate your strategies and see how things stand. No more bots - no more waste of time and money!
Up to
1M impressions
per day
1M to 10M impressions
per day
10M impressions
per day
Custom Pricing
Our AI system detects and blocks more than 5 types of invalid traffic. We continue adding new ones as they appear.
AI to fight fraud
of any type
Smart Detection and Protection
Business Solutions
Integrate anti-fraud JS code tag right into your HTML. Access the landing page code and implement the anti-fraud feature right into the groundwork of the site.
JS Tag
Easy Integration
Smart stats with filters and other tools will give you insights into any fraudulent activity on your traffic sources. Also, you can view slices, like platform+GEO (say, iOS+UK) or browser+GEO (Chrome+BR) to go even deeper into your campaign's efficiency.
Real-Time Analysis
Stellar Reporting
Integrate our real-time stats into your internal dashboard and see all fraudulent traffic activity and the way it affects your business parameters.
(price per 1000 impressions)
(price per 1000 impressions)
(price per 1000 impressions)
Fraudulent Traffic
Redirect suspicious traffic to another place, be it a blank page or anything else, instead of your landing. This way, you can protect your website from fake views and fraudsters.
Analyze numerous
user parameters
To define suspicious activity, we analyze users' data, like behavior, browser type, location, VPN usage, etc.
Send users to our landing page with a JS Tag, where your landing page will appear fullscreen. No need to access the page code! And worry about traffic loss risks no more. Also, your user will remain on the page. Just mind that not all landing pages match the iFrame feature and user experience might be different.
Can't change the code of your pages?
No worries! Сamouflage your links with our special tool and you're ready to go.
Create detailed customizable reports for the needs of your business - from analytics to refund claims. As for the latter, our tools will help you arrange watertight reports with solid fraud proof. And our managers will help you sound and look as convincing as possible.
Claim Reports
Get notifications on every alert or suspicious event in your tracker or any other system that receives postbacks.
Track your traffic quality as well as its payback in real-time. Include the traffic price into your claim report, if needed.
Business Metrics
Invite your team members and work in the same account altogether. Collaborate and communicate for the best performance.
Team Access