How Much Ad Fraud Will Cost Each Industry in 2022? [Infographics]

Considering that the digital advertising universe becomes more technically-advanced and profitable every year, it’s no wonder that ad fraud also develops and grows. Fraudtsers hunt for money, that’s why digital advertising is so attractive for them.

The overall threat can be described in simple words: when you ignore the issue of ad fraud, you ignore your budget losses. Indeed, bots can gulp significant amounts of invested money, spoil your reputation, and distort your statistics. 

In today’s infographics, we present research on ad fraud losses by countries and industries predicted for 2022. See the statistics and learn how bots can affect your campaigns in the nearest future. 

So, this is it. We discussed the most vulnerable niches, countries, and fraud types. And here comes the main question: what should you do? How to save your campaigns from bots?

First, advertisers should accept the fact that the issue of ad fraud exists and there are no signs that things will get significantly better in the near future. Second, you should arm yourself with the full-fledged anti-fraud software to track and prevent fraud. 

ADEX is here to become your protective shield and help you deal with fraud in the real time instead of rectifying consequences. You can rely on our tools for detection, analysis, and protection like API, JS Tag, Postbacks, Callbacks and others to keep your campaigns neat and clean. 

Join ADEX and fight ad fraud efficiently! 

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